Game basics

  • Pressing spacebar on your keyboard will display levels of buildings or camp levels.
  • You can zoom your city with the scroll wheel of the mouse.
  • Don't forget to log in every day, to get a free gift and gems!
  • Build the Alchemist to craft bonuses from ingredients sent by friends. The higher the building's level, the more ingredients.
  • You can store up to 50 items in your Requests window. Don't forget to check it regularly.
  • You can transport resources to the cities of your allies.
  • There are more Emporea gameworlds, existing at the same time. You can play as many of them as you want!
  • Your Gems and Achievements are global, shared between all gameworlds.
  • You can join any of the running Emporea gameworlds, anytime.
  • An Emporea gameworld lasts 14 weeks. Alliance who deals the most damage to Xoggoth in the last boss fight, wins.
  • Running late to a new world opening? Scroll of Performance will help you to catch up for the lost time!
  • To get the Scroll of Performance, you need to join the new world at least six hours after the world started.
  • Have you been offline for more than 48 hours? You will get a Support chest to help you make up for the lost time!
  • You are entitled to 3 Support Chests during each game world.

  • Questions? Ask about anything in our Forum!
  • Serious technical difficulties? Contact our Support!
  • Don't miss any competition, free items or event! Follow our Fanpage on Facebook!
  • Register in the Forum to post your feedback or suggestions. We want to know!
  • Check our Wiki page for the detailed information about Emporea game events!
  • The more friends in the game, the more fun! Invite your friends to play Emporea!
  • Remember! If you share an IP address with another player, let our Support team know at the beginning of EACH gameworld played together!
  • Log in daily through our Pixel Portal to obtain 1 CP with every daily gem reward!


  • Upgrading the palace is vital for the growth of your kingdom. Upgrade it as often as you can!
  • Higher palace levels enable you to have more buildings and new building types.
  • Army upkeep can be increased with palace level, hero skill and mausoleum/ tannery/ garden/ beer brewery.


  • You get one skill point with every level up. Don't forget to improve your hero skills with them!
  • You can set up up to 4 artifact modes for different occasions. Don't forget always to switch on the right one!
  • Make sure your proper battle gear is active when the battle round ends!
  • Invest your skill points in only one of 3 possible builds, because the strongest skills get unlocked in the end.
  • Your hero needs to reach at least level 30 in order to get the medal when the world ends.
  • Your player points are not just a matter of prestige. After the world ends, they transfer to Rubies, a currency usable in our Shop!


  • The Regeneration of the units is capped at 50%. After you reach it, concentrate on other battle bonuses.
  • Every unit has one of the 3 resistance types, making it more resilient towards that particular attack type.

Resources and Alchemy Ingredients

  • Build up your mines to have greater resources income.
  • The production of resources can be increased with artifacts, scrolls, hero skills and resource spells.
  • Be sure to wear your +production artifacts when you are gathering resources from mines.
  • Short of wallpost ingredients? Log in through our portal and claim 5 ingredients immediately!


  • Be sure to get some resource spells, there are several types. After you cast them on a city, resources are added directly to the storage!
  • Research powerful spells from runes and gold in Research Laboratory.
  • You can research various spells from each rune type. The more spells you have, the more frequently you can cast.
  • The more temples and the higher their levels, the greater the mana storage.
  • Be sure to wear your +mana production artifacts when you are commencing mana rituals.


  • Use the Forge to combine artifacts, potions and spells of the same kind and level to make them stronger.


  • After your hero reaches the 10th level, you can enter the Arena to fight other players!
  • Arena fights are sports competitions, just to compare your strength with others. There are no real unit losses.

Camps, Runes

  • Raiding of neutral camps is a great source of artifacts, potions, runes and resources.
  • Gather as many runes as you can. They are necessary to research units, spells and for palace upgrades.
  • In every neutral camp you can find different runes and artifact types. Click on a camp to display this info.
  • After you run out of command points, raid Portals. They cost 0 command points.
  • Hard camps start to appear on the map 10 days after the start of the world. Very hard camps 20 days, extreme camps 30 days.
  • Not strong enough to raid extreme level camps by yourself? Join forces with your allies and attack the camp together!
  • Don't forget you can recall your army without entering the fight, but only until it reaches halfway through the journey.

Unit research, Recruit

  • You must research a new unit type in the Laboratory first, in order to be able to recruit it.
  • The higher levels of recruit buildings, the faster the production of units.
  • In order to build a new recruit building type, its unit has to be researched first.
  • The 3rd level of the palace enables you to build Research Laboratory.


  • The more towers and the greater their level, the better defense of your city.
  • Don't worry about your defense towers. They are restored to full count & health after every battle.


  • The best way to find an alliance is in the Chat. Let's find some friends to play with!
  • After joining an alliance, let's move closer to its members with the City Transfer scroll!
  • Use the Alliance building to donate resources to your alliance.


  • Upgrade your market to increase the production storage capacity. Gained resources above this limit are lost!
  • Trade various game objects with other players in the market. You can earn some gems or gold!
  • The number of market offers you can create each day depends on your achievement points.
  • During the fight with Xoggoth, all marketplaces are closed for creating new market offers.

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