My HeroEdit

Character elf


Every player has his own Hero in Emporea. This Hero commands player's armies, oversees the construction of buildings and casts spells.

For each level of their Hero players gain 1 talent point which can be invested in one of the talent trees - WarriorMage or Builder. These talents give player various bonuses (depending on the skill tree) - so called Stats.

Heroes can also equip powerful Artifacts, which provide additional boosts to player's StatsArtifacts can be accessed via the Inventory screen and heroes can have multiple "Sets" of artifacts equipped. These Sets unlock at level 20, 40 and 60 and can be used for example as: Combat set, Resource production set, Building construction set, Spellcasting set, Mana production set etc.

Hero's Stats are therefore a combination of his Talents and his Artifacts.